About Us

Cologne By Phone originally started as Fragrances Unlimited in 1996. We were a unique mail order business specializing in discounted & hard-to-find name brand fragrances for men & women. At that time we had over 250 brands & we thought that was a lot.

14 years later we now stock over 2200 brands in several different sizes. Now some of our competitors that stock hard-to-finds add a premium to the department store retails. We are a deep discount retailer that actually discounts these items at 20-40% off retail list.

Besides stocking the vintage, hard-to-finds & discontinued scents, we stock new brands as well. We also stock brands that are exclusively sold in Europe, Africa & the Middle East, all at discount prices.

Since we are mail order, it is hard to smell your item, we offer a liberal returns & refund policy. We guarantee all sales & anything we sell is returnable within 30 days, as long as the original box is intact & it has not been sprayed too much.

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